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Article: Forum Rules and Guidlines
Author: Sleipnir
Posted: Fri Mar 03, 2006 7:10 am
Here at SSF we prefer to have as little strict rules as possible (instead, we have a series of behaviour guidelines, which while enforceable by penalties, do have some leeway).

Our hard fast rules can be summed up as:
  1. No Objectionable Material
    This includes images or links to sites containing pornography, mutilation, etc and links to or uploads containing warez.

  2. Multiple Accounts
    Unless you have first received permission from an Administrator or Supermod, having more than one user account in active use is strictly prohibited (this includes evading bans, etc). If we believe you are actively using more than one account we will investigate the situation and ban all but one of the accounts (depending on the situation further penalties may also apply).

  3. Signature Size
    The maximum size of all content in your signature can be no larger than 550 pixels wide by 200 pixels high.
    That's this big:
    If we find your signature to be too big, then content will be removed without warning to bring it within the allowed size.

If you break any of these rules or behave in a way contrary to the behaviour guidelines you may find yourself under consideration for a penalty.

For non-serious breaches we will first send you a Private Message warning you and giving you a chance to explain yourself.
If you continue, or breached the rules or guidelines in a serious way, then you will temporarily lose any abilities relating to the offence (for example, if you were spamming to earn Kel, we can disable your ability to earn, spend or donate kel, or your ability to post).
If, once the penalty has expired and you have the abilities back, you still continue, we can disable abilities permanently.

If the offence warrants it, we may decide to temporarily, permanently, or IP ban your account.
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