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A dramatic version of his life in a fantasy style
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 10, 2004 9:47 pm    Post subject: Darren Reply with quote

I was bored on msn. I decided to write a sentence. It evolved from that and Daz got involved Shifty honest....

Quite a likelyness you must agree Razz

Darren found a sword amongst the deep caverns of the rockey floor. He knelt down with hand oh
so curious on his knee. He touched the handle with utmost grace, a shiver. The feeling of something
good maybe? He pulled back the handle making the base of the sword file across the rocky teeth. He
lifted the sword close to his face to see himself looking back. Not a scratch in the blade. Something
was abnormal about the sword. He stared deeply into the sword, at himself. There was a cloaked figure
above the pad of his shoulder. The figure had its hands raised. Darren swung himself around to a flying
sparkly object flying in his direction. It burned energy. He took a quick dive sideways, the ball cut a thread
of hair and disapeared for it had no reason to exist. Darren pulled his fringe back as he picked himself up.
He realised the figure was a mage, aiming at him from a distance with its almighty magic. There was only one
mage with a grudge so hard to him, that a battle must start.


The figure raised her head, and despite the distance between the two it was obvious that they knew one another.
Light shone on the girls face, showing only her cheek. She slowly removed her hood, keeping her eyes closed as she
revealed a mass of brown hair that flowed with the direction of the moving hood. Her visage was reflected in
Darren's blue eyes. He stood there keeping one arm tense at the sword handle. Darren spoke again.

"How dare you show your face around these parts! If I were to run the law, you would've been punished by now!
You're not welcome after your traitorous rampage with Lord Paul!"

He did not like the word Lord, he outclassed him in ranks as being a Dark Knight served him well. He kept his
body position at a ready stance, water trickled underneath his feet around the small rocky craveses. The tide
was coming in above them. This underground cave trip Darren decided to take wasn't becoming too much fun.
The mage stood there not saying anything, keeping her eyes closed. Her arms remained at her sides, though
this made Darren uneasy.

"Dutchess Melanie is not happy." She spoke in a peacefull voice, Darren's fought back.

"I care not of Melanie! What has she done for me!?"

"Dutchess Melanie is not happy." She repeated. Darren was getting more uneasy. She was never like this. The two
used to train together ever so happily. Untill the crossroads of ranks came along, which more or less decided
their fate and relationship.

"You've changed, Louise! I told you to never become a mage." The tides above them began to roar. The soothing
treacles above became violent sprays, which spat out across the cavern. Yet they continued to throw argument.
Darrens stance became slightly calmer.

"My rank concerns you not." Louise began again. "Dutchess Melanie is not happy, and it's your fault." Darren's
mouth opened but Louise continued. "I am here to confirm that you used her army without permission. Not only that,
you ran them all with utmost discipline and ran them all without food for ten straight days"

"What is that to you?! Have you become her personal admirer or something?" His voice echoed painfully around
the caverns being shook violently by the surrounding sea.

"This is against human rights, and the fact you have used an army of the dutchess angers me." She opened her eyes.
"Do you confess to these sins?" She took a step forward. Her robes moved back revealing a bare leg. "If you
do not submit anyway, i can find out on my own." Louise lifted her arms, her sleeves slid back showing her palms.
Cyan sparks prickled from an imaginary sparkler between her palms. "I will destroy you." The sparks grew bigger
a an alarming pace. The cavern around them began to shake. Darren did not like the look of things. The nuicense
trickery was, he thought. Darren was in a puzzling situation. The sparks were ready for disperse and he had nothing
to defend with..

..But his sword. Before he allowed himself to think, a ball of immense green energy came bounding in his direction
with a high pitch scream from it's sender. Darren put the sword at a parrying position, and ran towards the ball
with his leathers. He was not ready for combat. The giant spark ball engulfed the young boy, but to surprise of
the mage there were no screams. Instead, the ball violently changed. It went into spasm and rapidly decreased in
mass. It hissed and depleated into a blade shape. The shape of Darren's sword. He remained in the same battle
position, yet his sword glew a bright green. Darren smirked. Louise began to panic, no one in training resisted her

"Hah! I mock your trickery! Feel the burning hells of my Blade... The Blade of Phi!"

The sound of Darrens voice triggered the blade. Bright cyan lights emerged around him, and a jet of energy blasted
from the sword. Darren jolted back from the energy shot. Louise could not run, just stand in awe as a clean
bolt of energy would kill her instantly. Her feeble body collided with the blast, which set her flying toward the
other side of the wall, screaming. The green energy began to fade. Louise lay there amongst rocky adversaries, still.
This didn't apply to the wall she had her back on, however. Large spurts of water flew from the wall, as rocks began crashing
from behind her... The sea was coming in..

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 10, 2005 3:57 pm  Reply with quote

When the first word is Darren, You can hardly say I got involved later Razz
I think the only part I had in that was calling the blade Phi...


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