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Asset Respect
read before posting to an asset thread
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 6:47 pm    Post subject: Asset Respect Reply with quote

Sleipnir Stuff Forums depends upon the community we service to thrive and retain a level activity that keeps us, for lack of a better description, in business.

As such, we will gladly host any modding-related art, code, particle, or model assets you may create, and the process for getting this hosted on our server is as simple as you clicking the 'add attachment' button in any post you make to our asset threads. As such though, we are represented by what we host, and as we are serving the community, we must (and gladly do) abide by the community's unwritten rules of conduct.This includes the ethics of an individual's authorship of assets, and their say in distribution thereof.

So to put it bluntly, we're good boys and girls and we like to keep things kosher in our terms with artists. We want more to come, to post their work, and to flourish.

So as a few simple ground rules...

-DO NOT post any cameo/model/voxel/sprite/texture/sound or other pack that contains what you know to be someone else's assets without their permission. If you cannot remove their assets, you should reconsider what exactly you are posting, and how much of it you actually made.

-DO NOT repost an authors work here, even if properly credited, unless you have permission to do so either by personal correspondence or indication of free distribution in a readme file within the original work's download. Permission to use the assets in your mod does not imply permission to repost the assets.

-DO NOT attempt to 'talk down' someone who you see resposting your assets directly. Either they were mistaken in who originally made it (be it another artist they had permission from or thinking it was an EA/etc. asset), or they were careless in, say, not removing your assets from the folder with their's. Rarely is it malicious, and coming off in a callous or rantng manner will not garner faster or better results than just coming to the moderation team with your complaint. Which leads to...

-DO bring any possible infraction of authorship documentation or unwarrented copying of assets to the moderation team (specifically moderators who are active in the section where the incident is). Only we have the ability to both mediate the matter in a short duration of time and the ability to directly remove downloads or such. This will result in the best outcome for all involved, and is the easiest way for any necessary disciplinary action to be involved, although that should not be needed in most cases of mistaken asset identity.

-DO credit authors who have granted you permission to repost their works. Even if this is not explicitly spelled out for you, it's just common courtesy, and it helps avoid people accusing you of 'stealing' so-and-so's credit.

These guidelines are fairly straightforward, and most will abide by them anyway. We strive to make this forum as accessable, artist friendly and drama free as we can. Helping us keep this place efficent and conveniet is the greatest gift you can give us in return. Thank you for your time.

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